September 3rd – Stop for a moment

 There are days meant for contemplation. With no to-do lists, schedules and “what next”s. Days to just live and be.

My companion for the day is a beautiful book called “Deviation” written by the talanted bulgarian author Blaga Dimitrova. I’ve tried to translate a passage that perfectly describes my state for today- a state that I wish all of us could store inside ourself and return to in all those moments when the chasing mind kicks in. 

“Wait!!! Where are you rushing to? Is someone chasing you? Or are you chasing someone or something? Is the world going to end if you don’t catch what you are chasing? And while you are so busy chasing, aren’t you missing something else, something much more important?


Stop for a moment! Look at this glorious day! Taste it with your lips, breath, the pores of your skin! The day is soaked in sun like a big, amber grape and slowly riping, and getting heavy from the heat. A long long summer day. An eternity caught between the morning and the evening. The big day is small only for you who are rushing and chasing. “

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