Being (a) present

Christmas often seems like a big commercial cliche – the presents frenzy, the cooking frenzy, the ‘look how cool is my Christmas tree’ frenzy. The underlying vibe to consume and display your consumption can be quite intense.

But what more is there? Spending time with your family? Reminiscing the good childhood moments? Surrounding yourself with coziness?  Each year I catch myself wondering and thinking there must be more than that.

In these moments I think about the story of Jesus. The story of the son of God who chose to join the human family and sacrifice himself out of love for humanity. The ultimate gift. And I am thinking – ‘this must be it’. 

Throughout my life I’ve been given many gifts the most important of which haven’t been material. They have taken various shapes and forms – a shoulder to lean on, a brain to pick, an uplifting role model, an important lesson, a life- changing experience…

My wish is to be able to give to others the same way I’ve received. With a smile, a light heart and no expectations. To create – good thoughts, deeds and also better versions of myself. And to have the inspiration to keep on trying in the moments when I run out of energy. 

And in the moments when I can’t give much, I wish myself to be able to be a “present”  by being present for my loved ones. Simply being present can sometimes be the most difficult thing and my wish is to master it. Because giving (especially presence) nourishes the heart and soul and can be the biggest gift for ourselves.

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