30 Day Photo Diary

Sunset (Nash)

I’ve spent about two months in Kerala in each of the last two years. By a total coincidence I stayed in a village close to Aymanam where one of my favorite books, ” The god of small things” is set. I had the chance to walk the little streets, breathe the sticky sweet air, cross the river and admire¬†the spectacular sunsets mentioned in the story that made such an unforgettable impression on me. In these moment I often thought about destiny and the signs it gives us.

Kerala is a place that filled my heart with its peacefulness and special type of beauty- one that can be seen in nature, people and atmosphere. A truly magical place which spirit I’m going to share with you through the pictures and stories that I am going to share with you in the next few weeks. Hopefully little pieces of them will find places in your hearts.

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