Feb 21- About the world around us

“The Happiness Hypothesis” by Jonathan Haidt is a synthesis of wisdom from different cultures and times. It analyzes ten ideas that have been valued throughout centuries and integrates insights from recent scientific research to come up with a comprehensive set of valuable lessons that can be applied in our every day life.

Something that I read in the book today and that gave me food for thought and inspiration is:

“The world we live in is not really one made of rocks, trees and physical objects; it is a world of perceptions, opportunities, status symbols, saints and sinners. All of these are human creations, which although real in their own way are not real in the way the trees and rocks are real. These human creations exist only because you believe in them, like the fairies in Peter Pan”.

The world as we see it shaped by not only what physically surrounds us, but also how we perceive it, feel about it and respond to it. And that’s where the main challenge lies. We can choose to follow our often judgmental and biased minds. Or to work towards achieving more peace and harmony. By choosing the second option you’ll embark on a journey. A journey to yourself.

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