Feb 16- As I began to love myself

I was going through my last year’s posts and came across something that I had written a bit less than a year ago, on the day before mine and the blog’s birthday. It was inspired from the deeply touching text by Charlie Chaplin, called “As I began to love myself”. The text is a true masterpiece and a must read, one of those pieces that you read with a new set of eyes every time.

What was very interesting was that reading what I`ve written felt like listening to a very close friend:

“I hope that reading it will inspire you to go on a self-discovery trip and test whether his findings are valid for you. Because life is not only about getting inspired by others, but most importantly-about discovering your own truth and staying authentic.  And this is what this blog is about.”

This is something that I truly believe in. And I think it indeed highlights the essence of the blog. And to my huge surprise, I somehow felt inspired by my own words. And all the troubles of the day faded away. True magic.

You can read the full post here.

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Jan 31- Celebrate your accomplishments

After today’s post it will be one full month of posting every day. The idea to commit to this exercise came very naturally and I was super enthusiastic with the concept of spontaneity which I wanted and still want to stick to no matter what.

Of course, the implementation wasn’t so smooth as the conception. Sometimes I was very inspired and ideas were flowing. But some other times it simply wasn`’t my day, or I was just tired or super busy with my job. That’s where discipline kicked in.. And it worked. Gradually I started noticing more things that inspire me every day.

I am usually not taking compliments very gracefully. I would usually say “oh, really”, “it’s not a big deal” or return the compliment to the person who gave it. But today my inspiration is myself. I feel proud for following my passion and putting the energy to do what I feel I should be doing- staying true and inspired and inspiring others to do the same. And I am super happy I can share this journey with you J So let’s keep on rolling!

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Jan 26- Laughter is the song of your soul

My inspiration for today came from Amma – the hugging saint. She was born in 1953 in the Indian stake Kerala and grew up in a poor fisherman’s family. When she was nine years old her mother developed an illness and she remained at home to take care of the household. Deeply touched by the poverty in her village she began to share her clothes and food with those in need. She also began to hug people as a way to comfort them. She became more and more recognized and appreciated and received the name Amma (mother) and was recognized as a saint.

I very clearly remember my encounter with her about a year ago. She had her brightest smile and was sitting on a big chair surrounded by musicians singing mantras and performing lively happy music.  In front of her was an endless queue (which I was also a part of) waiting for her to give them dashan (hug and blessing) .  Amma is well known for embracing large amounts of people without taking any breaks. In thevenue where I met her there were another few hundreds visitors. Up to date she has hugged more than 30 mnl people.

As a first -timer, I was placed in the beginning of the queue and luckily had to wait only a few hours. People behind me waited a lot more. She kept on hugging people overnight. Always smiling and full of energy. When she hugged me she looked me in my eyes and exclaimed “My daughter!” She radiated so much warmth and love that it felt like I had always known her. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

Amma is perhaps the happiest, and most positive and light-hearted saint that I`ve ever seen. For her being joyful is a natural state and loving is a religion.

It is the bright, joyful and selfless individuals like Amma that ignite this world and make it a better place. It is the people who give and embrace without asking for anything in return that are our true role models and are capable of inspiring us to be like them and to make a change. Making a change by loving and being compassionate and never by threatening or forcing. Making a change by staying inspired and inspiring others.

I`ll end with one of Amma’s many beautiful quotes:

“Do you know that days go by regardless of you smiling or crying all day long

So keep on smiling, my child!”

More about Amma at https://www.amritapuri.org

On the picture- a beautiful smiling lady reading a book in front of her house in Kerala, India.

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