The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time



I like books that give you a different type of perspective. That move you and make you think. That stay with you long after you read them. “The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time” has been one of my favorite books for such a long time, because it accomplished to achieve all these things and even more.

It narrates what starts as a detective story through the eyes of an autistic child, a story that would be normally being classified as sad and unfortunate, but which in this case is fascinating and impactful. A story that shows that everybody, whatever restrictions they have, can make a difference if I they have a goal and put their heart into it. In a very compelling way, Mark Haddon allows the reader to go beyond the storyline, to dive deeply into the world of autistic children and to develop an understanding how they perceive (or fail to perceive) things around them and how lovable they truly are.

Of course, when a friend of fine who had also read the book suggested to watch the play together in London`s Gielgud Theatre, I was more than exited to do it!

The plot was re-created flawlessly and the actors were absolutely impressive. But what made it just unforgettable were the endless imagination and the inventiveness of the play. The innovative stage, visuals and dynamics, together with swirling sequence of the scenes made resulted in a play which was a true delight for the senses. Highly recommended!

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Orange World – A Kingsday Reportage

The Netherlands is a country of orderly ways of living, where rules and procedures are strictly followed. There are however, some exceptional days when all the rules are forgotten when the air smells like party from early morning. When almost all ways of celebrating are absolutely acceptable. One such day is Kingsday.

There is one thing that you can notice very explicitly – orange. Orange costumes, hats, sun glasses, wings, wigs, and all sorts of weird accessories. You might encounter some victims of over partying here and there, but overall the crowd is very friendly and the overall atmosphere is happy, free and joyful. I haven`t seen a holiday to be so celebrated so wholeheartedly and intensely in any other country (even though Norwegians are claiming that their madness on their national day is even bigger, but I haven`t seen it in person 😉 )

It is a lot of fun, so make sure you see it! A few tips from me:

  • The three main ways to experience the day are to walk around the city, get on a boat or party on one of the many stages around city. My advice would be to go on a boat if you want to have a good party, or to stay on the ground and walk around if you are more into taking pictures and exploring the flea markets.
  • Do not trust the weather forecast for that day- the weather somehow turns out a loooot better than predicted.
  • Do not forget that the date is April 27th and not April 30th (the day when Queensday was celebrated) any more 😉
Photo Apr 30, 3 14 55 PM 
Photo Apr 30, 4 32 46 PM
Photo Apr 27, 2 07 14 PM
Photo Apr 27, 3 11 55 PM
Photo Apr 30, 3 17 03 PM
Photo Apr 30, 3 22 38 PM
Photo Apr 30, 6 14 43 PM
Photo Apr 30, 3 19 08 PM