30 Day Photo Diary: Day 2 – A Story about Simplicity

Day 2

This family came to the stream every day to wash their clothes and take a bath. You can never guess from their faces how freezing the water was! A friend of mine was looking at picture and told me that it actually gives him a sad feeling. I told him that it does not make me sad in any way because I remember how happy this lady and her son were at that moment and how she was making fun of him being so shy. But why I really love this picture is because it represents the life in the village in its purest form- a life about simplicity where people & nature are interlinked. Happiness is a matter of perception- what seems sad to somebody is actually a fun moment of everyday life.

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The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who…



“…you’ll see that things will turn out like they do, because that is what usually happens – almost always, in fact”

Jonas Jonasson, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared


Apart from being a light, easy and very fascinating read, this book carries a very special positive vibe. The effortless ease with which the main character Alan  goes through the ups and downs of his life and his ability to go with the flow and stay optimistic are grabbing and inspiring. The book is a manifesto of living life to its fullest and trusting wholeheartedly that things will turn out for the best.

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“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”                                   



— Christopher Columbus

30 Day Photo Diary: Day 1 – A story about Friendship

Day 1


Whenever affection steps in, languages stop playing a role. This lady was so happy to see me in the village again after one year. She met me on the street, took my hand and brought me to her house, picked the flowers very carefully, gave them to me and then insisted that we take a picture together. On the way to her house she didn’t stop talking to me knowing that I don’t understand a single word and she also doesn’t understand me .She asked questions which I answered, then I also asked questions which she answered- overall one of the best conversations that I’ve had.


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21 Day Meditation Experience

The new 21 day meditation experience of Deepak Chopra and Opra Winfrey just started. As somebody who has done a few of their previous ones, I can say it is definitely something worthwhile giving a try. This one is called ‘ Manifesting true success’ and is currently free. I am not going to go into extensive explanations about how exactly it work, as I don’t see it as something to which you can attach a definition, but rather as an individual experience that is seen differently by different people. What I can say is that it opened quite a few important doors to me and it helped me focus my thinking in certain directions, which I think everybody can benefit from. Hopefully it would do the same for you. Enjoy!

The meditation experience can be accessed at www.chopracentermeditation.com

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Living a fun and interesting life is a true art which I believe everybody wishes to master. We all want our lives to have meaning, be memorable and full of positive experiences. But having fun and enjoying ourselves also serves another role- it helps to shift the center from our work and daily responsibilities to ourselves and to connect to our authentic identity. There is a zen-buddhist saying – If the bow is constantly pulled, it will inevitably break. Throughout my life I have been facing the same challenge over and over again- after another busy day I would go home and look for ways to put my bow to rest, so it won`t break. But we have access to so much information and ideas on how to add color and flavor to our lives and at the same time -so little time to filter the really meaningful things, let alone to retain them and incorporate them in our lives. This blog is intended for all of you who can relate to this and wish to shift the focus to yourselves by learn new things, having fun and enjoying an interesting and enriching life.

I can define myself as an explorer- I am constantly on the search for new fresh ideas, inspirations, fun experiences and also ways to get to know myself better and live a healthy and balanced life. This blog is my personal repository for things that charge and inspire me. By sharing them I hope to inspire you as well, to make you smile and to give ideas about ways to rest your bows and enjoy the little and bigger things that life has to offer. And of course, sharing is a two way street, so any feedback/comments/ideas from your side would be gladly received!

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30 Day Photo Diary

Sunset (Nash)

I’ve spent about two months in Kerala in each of the last two years. By a total coincidence I stayed in a village close to Aymanam where one of my favorite books, ” The god of small things” is set. I had the chance to walk the little streets, breathe the sticky sweet air, cross the river and admire the spectacular sunsets mentioned in the story that made such an unforgettable impression on me. In these moment I often thought about destiny and the signs it gives us.

Kerala is a place that filled my heart with its peacefulness and special type of beauty- one that can be seen in nature, people and atmosphere. A truly magical place which spirit I’m going to share with you through the pictures and stories that I am going to share with you in the next few weeks. Hopefully little pieces of them will find places in your hearts.