30 Day Photo Diary: Day 3 – A story about Openness

Day 3


I approached this beautiful lady and asked her if I can take a picture of her. Elderly people are normally supremely shy in front of the camera and would try to avoid me as much as possible, but she was one of the few courageous ones. There is a saying that one`s eyes are a window to their soul. For me this picture demonstrates it so well – you can so clearly see how opened her soul was in her smiling gentle eyes.

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30 Day Photo Diary: Day 2 – A Story about Simplicity

Day 2

This family came to the stream every day to wash their clothes and take a bath. You can never guess from their faces how freezing the water was! A friend of mine was looking at picture and told me that it actually gives him a sad feeling. I told him that it does not make me sad in any way because I remember how happy this lady and her son were at that moment and how she was making fun of him being so shy. But why I really love this picture is because it represents the life in the village in its purest form- a life about simplicity where people & nature are interlinked. Happiness is a matter of perception- what seems sad to somebody is actually a fun moment of everyday life.

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30 Day Photo Diary: Day 1 – A story about Friendship

Day 1


Whenever affection steps in, languages stop playing a role. This lady was so happy to see me in the village again after one year. She met me on the street, took my hand and brought me to her house, picked the flowers very carefully, gave them to me and then insisted that we take a picture together. On the way to her house she didn’t stop talking to me knowing that I don’t understand a single word and she also doesn’t understand me .She asked questions which I answered, then I also asked questions which she answered- overall one of the best conversations that I’ve had.


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30 Day Photo Diary

Sunset (Nash)

I’ve spent about two months in Kerala in each of the last two years. By a total coincidence I stayed in a village close to Aymanam where one of my favorite books, ” The god of small things” is set. I had the chance to walk the little streets, breathe the sticky sweet air, cross the river and admire the spectacular sunsets mentioned in the story that made such an unforgettable impression on me. In these moment I often thought about destiny and the signs it gives us.

Kerala is a place that filled my heart with its peacefulness and special type of beauty- one that can be seen in nature, people and atmosphere. A truly magical place which spirit I’m going to share with you through the pictures and stories that I am going to share with you in the next few weeks. Hopefully little pieces of them will find places in your hearts.