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Tomorrow  is the day of flowers in Bulgaria – on this day all people who have names of flowers celebrate their names (and I am one of them 🙂 ) . If I think about flowers the first thing that comes to my mind is – Keukenhof.  If The best way to celebrate spring in the Netherlands is most definitely a trip to Keukenhof- the largest and definitely one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world.


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About 7 million flower buds are planted (manually!) every year to achieve the desired result – a mesmerizing mix of vibrant colours, fantastic flower aromas and an unseen variety of tulips breeds with funny names such as “pink storm”




Apart from being simply beautiful, the part is very well organized ( as everything in the Netherlands) and designed in a way   that it is also educational for the visitor- for instance-  there are flower shows where professional florists give advice on arranging flowers.





There is little more to say about the park; it is one of those places that needs to be simply seen and experienced 🙂 more info about Keukenhof at http://www.keukenhof.nl/en/

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And here are a few tips on how to get the best out of it:

  • The park is only opened for month and a half every year (from early April to mid May), so plan your visit in that period. It is a to go in the last two weeks of April, so you can see almost all flowers in full bloom.
  • A visit to the park can be combined with the flower parade in the nearby town Lisse ( this is actually the best time to visit the park)
  • It can be super crowded and you might save time if you buy your tickets online
  • Get more information in advance about the timings and locations of the guided tours, flower workshops and boat tours so you don’t miss them.
  • The restaurants in the park are not great for vegetarians, so it might be smart to bring some snacks with you. If you are by car, you can check this nearby restaurant in a beautiful venue: http://www.kasteelkeukenhof.nl


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