The Amsterdamse Bos

I live in the city, but love spending time in nature and try to get closer to it whenever I can.

Engaging in activities outdoors gives me a boost, wakes up my senses and makes me feel more alive. It brings me to the present where I am fully aware of the sounds, smells and colors around me. In such moments I realize that it is the simplicity of life that really matters and beauty is all around us for those who can see it. That we are here to enjoy what we have – and nature is one of the most generous givers in this world.

Canoeing is one of my favorite outdoors activities because it brings me even closer to all this. When I was in India I stayed on the bank of a river and could do it almost every day. I was greatly missing it in The Netherlands until last week when a friend took me to the Amsterdamse Bos.

The park is a definite must see for all who want to escape the city hassle and just relax. You can rent canoes or water bikes, swim in the lake or just cycle or walk around. What makes it special is also its size (1,000 hectares) and the unruliness of its nature- something untypical for the tidy and super organized Netherlands.

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