Feb 16 – As I began to love myself


I was going through my previous posts and came across something that I had written about two years ago on the day before mine and the blog’s birthday. It was inspired from the deeply touching text by Charlie Chaplin, called “As I began to love myself”. The text is a true masterpiece and a must read, one of those pieces that you read with new eyes every time. It that it also resonated a lot with my earlier reflections on Love.

While reading what I`ve written felt like listening to a very close friend:

“I hope that reading it will inspire you to go on a self-discovery trip and test whether his findings are valid for you. Because life is not only about getting inspired by others, but most importantly-about discovering your own truth and staying authentic.  And this is what this blog is about.”

This is something that I truly believe in. And I think it indeed highlights the essence of the blog. And to my surprise, I somehow felt inspired by my own words. And all the troubles of the day faded away. True magic.

You can read the full post here.

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