Jan 10 – Let go of what you can`t control


When starting the “Stay true and inspired” series I was energized to build momentum and also to discipline myself to post every day. My frustration with the server crash that has made the webpage inaccessible for the last few days was beyond words – “Nothing like this has happened since I started the blog. Why now!?”

Well. It happens. And experiencing it made me realize something very important- it just doesn’t make any sense to brag about it and to let it stop me from following my plan. What makes sense is to think of solutions. And here it is – sharing my posts in Facebook works perfectly fine for the time being.

There are things to worry about and things to let go. The ones which we can`t control belong to the second category. It`s like a mental garbage bin where you through your mental trash. My lesson and inspiration for today is to practice throwing the wasteful worried thoughts in the bin and focus on the solutions.

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