Jan 31 – Celebrate your accomplishments



After today’s post it will be one full month of posting every day. The idea to commit to this exercise came very naturally and I was super enthusiastic with the concept of spontaneity which I wanted and still want to stick to no matter what.

Of course, the implementation wasn’t so smooth as the conception of the idea behind it. Sometimes I was very inspired and ideas were flowing. But some other times it simply wasn`’t my day, or I was just tired or had little energy and inspiration. That’s where discipline kicked in.. And it worked. Gradually I started noticing more things that inspired me every day.

I am usually not taking compliments very gracefully. I would normally reply with “oh, really” or “yeah, right”, or return the compliment to the person who gave it. But today my inspiration is myself.  I feel proud for following my passion and putting the energy to do what I feel I should be doing- staying true and inspired and inspiring others to do the same. And I am super happy I can share this journey with you 🙂 So let’s keep on rolling!

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