June 12- Today is the day

While reading the “Miracle Morning” this morning (:)) I came across the following quote:

“The Now matters the most in your life because what you are doing now determines that person that you will become and that will always determine the quality and direction in your life.”

I am sure this sounds very logical and you would agree with it. But how often are we actually putting it in practice? 

Sometimes we all need a push and an inspiration to get on track. And my aim for today is to inspire you with this picture of a boy learning how to skateboard for the first time. I met him and his dad a few days ago when I was taking part in the Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam and was amazed by his enthusiasm, dedication and energy. Like a little ginger tornado he was was going on and on, showing me his newly learnt tricks and trying to do them better and better!

Today is the day! Get out there and make active steps to reach your goals. Sign up for a language course for that language you dream to speak; look around for new jobs if you are not happy with the current one; push yourself to make it to the gym..It’s all in your hands only 🙂 Go for it!






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