March 15 – Focus inwards


Have you noticed that your feelings and thoughts very often evolve around the external things around you- your job, relationships and what surrounds you?

We are rarely giving our attention and energy to ourselves, focusing on how we feel and what we need to heal, grow and develop.

It starts from school where we are thought to study and memorize external facts and to strive for grades and approval. It continues as we grow up through high school and university where we want to be a part of the group of the ” cool kids” and often do not express ourselves in an authentic way in order to be more easily accepted. And it consolidates when we start working- in the corporate environment competition and comparison are so prevalent that you often feel inclined to do “the right thing” rather than what you really want to go for.

So how about focusing on yourself and your inner world and taking care of yourself for a change? Because in the end, if you don’t do it no one will do it for you!

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