March 7 – Be a guest


Let`s use our imagination today and remember how it feels to go on a trip and be someone’s guest. That feeling of having a relaxing experience, time well spent with people that we love and anticipation of something new. The influx of energy, the desire to explore, be active and enjoy. The gratitude and appreciation of someone’s hospitality. The feeling of respect to your host and their house. All these positive feelings!

And how about contemplating the idea of being a guest to our body? Of having it as our “guest house” for this lifetime? Wouldn`t that make you feel more respectful to it and to life as a whole?

And what if this “trip” ends tomorrow and today is the last day to enjoy it? How would you spend that day?  What would we do? Whom would we see?

And how about living in this way every day going forward ? Because in the end we never know. Let`s live with no regrets. Today.

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