May 13 – Do you care?

We often feel the need to share the opinions that we’ve formed  based on our knowledge and experience. But just sharing them without consideration for the other person and their situation doesn’t always work. We’ve experienced it many times – there are always the ones who not neceserily know the best,  but are the loudest to share. Even though you’ve experienced something first hand and they just read about it somewhere- they are just so convinced that there is no point to have a discussion. In these situations it is difficult to connect , as the other side seems to be only interested in hearing their voice and does not seem to care about others’ views.  But then, how often do you genuinely care about what they have to say? Almost never, right? 

Sometimes in our eagerness to share we can be the “loud” ones.  And in these times listening might work better than speaking. Because we all want to connect. Connecting with care and consideration is the key to  getting it right 🙂

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