May 29 – Share your joy

Let`s start the week with an inspiring fable from the Hindu mythology:

“Bharadvaja was a devout scholar who studied the Vedas (ancient Hindu philosophical and spiritual texts). He spent his entire lifetime learning and pondering the Vedas. Then he died.
Bharadvaja was reborn and he continued his reading, memorizing and writing of the Vedas. His whole life, yet again, was dedicated to studying these ancient texts.
Bharadvaja died and was reborn a third time. He once again pursued his learning of the Vedas with deep intensity. He withdrew from his community to study day and night and became known as a secluded sage devoted to learning. During this time, his desire to stop the cycle of birth, death and rebirth began to grow.
Near the end of Bharadvaja’s third life, Shiva paid him a visit. At first, Bharadvaja was excited as he thought his zealous studies had finally paid off and Shiva would release him from the cycle of death and rebirth.
The excitement waned as Shiva asked what exactly Bharadvaja thought he was doing with his lifetimes. Bharadvaja replied that every lifetime had been completely devoted to getting closer to the teachings. Shiva slowly shook his head, reached out the window and scooped up a pile of dirt which he placed in front of his student, saying, “This handful of dirt represents what you learned in one lifetime.”
Shiva swept up another handful of dirt and placed it with the first. “This,” Shiva said, “is what you learned during your second lifetime.”
Shiva reached his arm out the window a third time and placed a pile of dirt in front of Bharadvaja. He said, “this third mound of dirt illustrates the knowledge you accumulated during this lifetime.” Shiva then motioned to the Himalayas beyond the window, “Do you see those mountains? That represents the information contained in the Vedas, Bharadvaja. It would take thousands of lifetimes to master all that is contained within them. You certainly have gained more knowledge than anyone else, but you have chosen to live alone, to share your knowledge with no one and have yet to experience and give life to the true meaning of the Vedas. It is through sharing and teaching that you’ll awaken to life and overcome death.” Shiva then left his pupil and Bharadvaja died.
During his fourth lifetime, Bharadvaja not only studied the Vedas, but he became a compassionate educator. He imparted the wisdom and many students revered him as a beloved teacher. Upon his deathbed, people came from all over to honor their teacher. Shiva also came to tell him that he’d learned the lesson and that if Bharadvaja chose, he too could be freed from the death-rebirth cycle. Bharadvaja thanked Shiva but recognized that it was through sharing and teaching that he felt most alive and he chose to be reborn again and became one of the greatest sages ever known.”
From an early age we are thought that knowledge is power that gives us advantage over others. Sharing the knowledge is therefore not in our interest. The same applies to the office- we are all want to be seen in expert in our fields and oversharing could work against us. The story of Bharadwaja is an important reminder for all of us to first find what brings us joy and second and more importantly – to share the joy with the others, for theirs and our own good. Because the joy that is shared, gets multiplied 🙂


  • Kavita
    May 30, 2017

    Very well written,love it

  • Kote del Sole
    June 2, 2017

    Thank you!!!

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