May 8 – Embrace yourself

Today I am sharing with you a wise set of words that “found” me very recently.I truly believe that our experiences shape us and only through them we grow and develop in our journey. We are often our toughest critics, without our “mistakes” we would have hardly learnt any lessons in life. Let`s start the week with embracing and honoring who we are and continuing on our path with confidence and no regrets.

In life we do things

some we wish we had

never done. Some we

wish we could repeat

a million times in our

heads. But they all

make us who we are.

And in the end they

shape up every detail

about us. If we were

to reverse any of them

we wouldn`t be the

person we are. So just

live. Make mistakes.

Have wonderful memories.

But never ever second

guess who you are,

where you have been,

and most importantly

 whereit is you’re


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