Before the flood

Climate change is a fact. But do we know enough about it? In my view not.

This documentary gives a synthesized view of the enormous threats that the humankind is facing as a result of Climate Change  and even though I cannot say I agree 100% with all the reasons for it that are being mentioned, what I find supremely valuable is that they are clearly stating the facts:

  • Global Warming is a problem which has started impacting us and is likely to impact even more the future generations
  • If things continue the way they are, the outlook is extremely gloomy
  • It is in our hands to solve this problem
  • We can do this by consuming differently – what we buy, what we eat and how we get our power.

I really think that this is something that children should study at school, so future generations of leaders and decision makers have it embedded in their thinking.

Be mindful and informed. It is our planet and our responsibility.

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