30 Day Photo Diary: Day 10- A story about Loving Life

Nearby the village where I stay there is a a church on top of a hill called St. Thomas Church. This lady was selling candles at the start of the rocky path leading to it.

At first I was really attracted to her unique jewellery, which I had never seen before. Then I noticed that she was quite old-much above the retirement age. Nevertheless, she was super energetic, smiling and very very friendly to the excited stranger (me), using my body language to inquire whether it is possible to have her pictures taken.

Her energy, desire to look good, work hard to earn money despite her age and friendliness reminded me of something very important – there is a special type of people who independently of their age have bright and young spirits and never fail to make memorable impressions on the ones that they meet- these people are the life loving ones.

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