The Black Forest – Part 1

Beautiful nature, magical forest, idyllic views and not on the last place- a great spa. All of that enveloped in beautiful lush spring green – for all fans of outdoors and nature (and spa of course :)) the Black Forest is the perfect getaway.



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The Black Forest is a large forested mountain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. The region is quite big (with a length of 160 km and breadth of up to 60 km) and there are plenty of things to do depending on your time and interests. Here is how I spent my time during the five days that I spent there.

 The great outdoors

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking/trekking/walking/exploring the routes and paths in the area (The total network of tracks amounts to around 23,000 kilometres!). One can do routes taking from a few hours to a few days. I had one day and the root that I did was recommended by the hotel owner of one of the places where I stayed and was absolutely beautiful! It goes for about 13 km – starting from the Ruhestein ski lift, through Wildseeblick, Seibelseckle, Hornisgrinde and ending at Mummelsee.


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The magical forest

The Black Forest is the setting of one of the best fairytales of the great Wilhelm Hauff (such as the “Cold Heart”; there even a dedicated museum to the author btw!), by which I was absolutely mesmerized as a child. Words can`t do much justice in describing the amazing sights of beautiful unspoilt nature in all shapes and forms that one can encounter. Enjoy the gallery – it will very likely inspire you to go and experience it yourself.


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Rivers & Waterfalls

There is literally a countless number of waterfalls to explore-more and less known ones. My recommendation is to see the famous ones, but also to be adventurous and get lost in the forest of the more hidden of them. The ones that I visited were the Allerheiligen waterfall, the Triberg waterfalls and the Gertelbach waterfall (a hidden gem that I super highly recommend!)


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The second part of the post with more experiences, tips & pictures will be coming soon!


And now- enjoy the gallery 🙂





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