Feb 26 – The Art of Life


While going through an old issue of the Amsterdam Enjoy magazine I came across the mesmerizing surreal paintings of the Russian artist Boris Indrikov. What further captivated me was a part of his interview that was also on the pages of the magazine:

“My painting process goes like this- first I use a random texture on canvas using a special technology. After this I read the canvas looking for shapes and patterns. These images will be the foundation of the future painting. This is similar to the meditation process. But instead of sitting with my eyes closed in the lotus position, anywhere on a top of a mountain, I am in front of the canvas. I scan the surface of the material for natural changes that occur on the canvas surface and transform them into a harmony of lines. The outcome of this is almost unknown, an adventure that is intriguing and exciting.”

Apart from being a fascinating art-making process I found this to be a great metaphor to getting the best out of life.

  • Life is a canvas that consists of seemingly “random” patterns that a great Artist made for us.
  • These random patterns form the beautiful paintings that are our lives.
  • It is up to us to transform the random patterns into to a harmonious structure, but its exact nature is always unknown.
  • We enable this transformation by exercising the greatest power that we have – the power of Love.
  • The key is not to lose hope even though we can`t imagine the final outcome – it is the adventure and the process that is intriguing.

The beauty of art and life lies in trusting and enjoying the process without being attached to the final outcome. And of course this is one of those things that are easier said than done. That is what makes inspiring reminders such as the paintings of Boris Indrikov so important.

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