Feb 27 – The Secret


Today I was revisiting “The Secret” – a book that sort of “boomed” a few years ago and received a lot of commercial attention and that I have read myself and I believe some of its messages helped me a huge deal when I was struggling with a massive health problem with a very gloomy prognosis. 

The book is an interesting mix of spirituality and working with your mind. Something about it that initially turned me off was that the some of its lessons are focused on how to obtain possessions and wealth which in my view partially defeats their purpose. Nevertheless, it conveys important messages which could potentially make a big difference in one`s life that I think are very inspiring.

The main message of the book is that we have the power to manifest what we think and  as a result our thoughts have the power to  “attract” our reality – this is the so called “Power of Attraction”. For instance, if you are scared that something will happen, it is very likely that it will actually happen compared to a situation that you don`t think about it. The opposite is also valid- thoughts of prosperity, health and fortune will attract these to you. Following this logic our current reality is an outcome of our earlier thoughts and beliefs while our current thoughts are shaping our future.  Quite fascinating and empowering, isn`t it?

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