Jan 1 – What about living fully and joyfully?


I was thinking of starting the series with an inspirational quote and spend quite some time figuring out who I wanted to quote and why. There are a lot of wise people who lived on this planet, but do we also recognize and appreciate the people around us who inspire us by their example and actually “walk the talk” right here and right now?  As it often happens, while I was contemplating this idea, one of these real life gurus that I met in India- my friend Simona Gerber, approached me with a very moving message wish that I want to share with you. It would hopefully inspire you to kick start the year with an influx of desire to live fully and joyfully J

What about..

What about the decision to change something in our inner life because we feel instinctively that life has much more to offer than what we make use of?
What about realizing that being alive is so vibrant, so miraculous, and so beautiful because we got the instrument to recognize that?
What about the joy of experiencing every moment?  Because it just goes and never returns back… and it should be accepted as it is and not as we would have liked it to be, because the reality just is as it is and all else is a self-illusion.
What about living the present moment fully, paying all the attention to it, learning to value the preciousness of existence itself because it is in fact the essence of our own life, the life itself?  Moment to moment, passing one after another…
What about appreciating all the others around us and not taking for granted anything and anybody, not even ourselves? Because to breathe in again may fail at any time…
What about enjoying our own respiration because the universal breath itself is flowing through us?
What about looking at plants or trees, at the beauty of nature and understanding their silence, because we are a part of it? Or smelling a flower, herbs and feeling which sensations generates inside us because they are living beings as well…
What about being thankful to our delicate but so strong heart muscles for beating non-stop without even our concern? Because behind this must be such a great intelligence…
What about looking for happiness in our own heart and not outside because the treasure is where the love can be felt and not in something or somebody?
What about solving conflicts in a constructive and kind way because we all come from the same source, are made with the same elements and the others are just another expression of oneself but in different shapes?
What about seeing the difficult time as a necessary part in this life because it makes us to value more the good part?
What about admiring everything around us with all our senses because whatever we see is a miracle, included ourselves and our own existence?
What about living our life fully aware from the whole heart, loving as much as possible because at the end of the life we will wish for a second chance which won’t be there…
What about living every day like it would be our last because we never know if the next day will actually come…?
Wouldn`t that make life so much easier?
Keep smiling, make it simple, enjoy your being into this world, love, be happy and be thankful for everything you are and for everything you have, because it is your responsibility, your life…
Remain blessed…
LOVE is all around us because it lives in your heart

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