Stay True and Inspired

The New Year is here. We all get excited about new things- they hold a promise for new opportunities, renewal and thrilling surprises.

But sometimes reality doesn`t materialize according to our expectations and the grass is not so much greener on the other side. So how do we keep the energy up in rough times?

For me the key is two-fold. On the first place it is about staying connected to universal truths that matter to us and not getting carried away by external forces pulling us away from our true selves. And of course- stay inspired. Inspiration animates our souls, and gives us a healthy boost; it is through inspiration that we get all those great ideas that ignite the spark to act and change our lives. And trust me- inspiration is everywhere- you can find it a book, in a beautiful picture, inspiring act or even in silence. It is all about paying attention and being opened.

This is exactly the idea of the “Stay True and Inspired” series – to share pieces of inspiration that make us remember/ smile/think and uplift us. So we can all have a year that inspires us to live our life in a way that makes us feel truly alive.

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