Jan 12- Give a helping hand

If at the start of my career someone told me that a few years afterwards I would be doing what I`m currently doing I would had never believed them. Looking back, I can say that my career development has been an interesting sequence of, at first sight, almost impossible career moves across quite unrelated departments. It is a field where I’ve tried to act following my intuition rather than thinking pragmatically, which I believe had paid off greatly.

This interesting journey has been enabled by one factor – people. It was the kind-hearted and humane people that I’ve met and with whom I`ve shared my story that gave me tips, introduced me to more people, supported me and inspired me to make it happen. Some people would say- you made it all yourself. But no man is an island. We all need support. 

I spoke to one of these people today and expressed my gratitude for yet another time. She is a very humble person who is not comfortable with too much praise. But she played a big role in changing my career direction at a critical point. And I will always be grateful.

So when someone reaches out for help – give a helping hand. It could be you that could change their life. Wouldn’t that be an amazing accomplishment?

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