Jan 13 – Do what brings you joy

In our pragmatic world we are often doing things because they make sense, have a good return of whatever we invested in them and are perceived well by others. But very often these exact same things don`t resonate with our hearts and we are left with a nagging feeling that something is not how it is supposed to be.

I truly believe we should go after what brings us joy, animates our souls and give us a feeling of self-fulfillment even when there is no apparent logical reason behind it.

The idea of the blog came very spontaneously one night during my stay in an Ayurvedic center in India. I had a strong feeling that I had to do something and express myself, my thoughts and also to share my pictures. It is still difficult to explain from a rational perspective why I am doing it. But what I know for sure is that the joy that I get out of it tops so many other things that I do, that I just know in my heart that it is the right thing for me.

I am sure everybody has a dormant dream, a vision, an area that they are drawn to explore. It is really not about the outcome, but about the process of enjoying and feeling alive.

It also doesn`t need to be something big. Just something that energizes you. Like going for a walk if you like nature. Or finding a baby goat and spending time with it if you are fond of baby goats. Or just cooking your favorite meal. Just go for it!

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