Jan 5 – Have trust

The idea for the “Stay True and Inspired” series came up super spontaneously and my intention is to also be spontaneous with the writing of the daily posts. I am not planning to do pre-work, but would rather like to share the stories as they unfold. Because I believe the “right here and now” are what truly matters.

My spontaneous approach seemed to work over the last few days, but today I`ve been experiencing a sort of a writers` block which discouraged me and made me question if I can really pull this idea off…

And then it happened. I looked outside the window and saw the snow! The long awaited, white, soft beautiful snow covering the earth like a soft woolen blanket!! The same snow that you see on the picture. What more does anyone need than to make a cup of tea and enjoy the view?

If only I had trusted the way events would have unfolded today, my day so far would have been a lot lighter. This is what I will practice today – trust. I remembered John Lennon`s quite just in time to turn it into the perfect ending:

“Everything will be OK in the end.

And if it’s not OK, then this is not the end.”

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