Jan 6 – Happiness Redefined


Today my inspiration came from a very moving must see video on redefining happiness by the Motivational Philosopher.  A part of it that resonated with me and I would  also like to share with you is:

“Somewhere along the line our definition of succeed became blurred and evolved around money, corporate realization and the ability to supersede our peers. But let`s not make happiness about the size of our homes, but about the size of our hearts. Let`s be human beings, rather human doings. Rather than “To Do lists” can we think of “To Be lists” and think who we want to Be in a situation rather than what we want to Do in a situation”.

While listening, a picture that I took a while ago appeared in my mind. A picture of a graceful swan who doesn`t seem to be focused on doing anything different than being a calm inhabitant of its lake. His whole being radiates nothing but peace. He is my teacher and inspiration for today.

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