Jan 8 – The importance of saying No


Today during my yoga class I felt quite tired and went into a resting pose while others were diligently following the sequence of their sun salutations. That attracted the teacher’s attention and he made a joke about me having enough of the class. It was meant as a friendly remark; nevertheless a part of me felt pressurized to end my break and resume the sequence. But another, more self-caring part took charge, so I looked at him, smiled and said “I am definitely not done yet, but right now I`m just gonna enjoy my break” after which I rested for a few more minutes.

Soon after I came back home I came across a video in which Lady Gaga speaks at an Emotion Revolution summit about the importance of saying no where she shares “I started to say “No” to remember who I am. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I feel that I can go to bed with that person”.

I deeply believe that as hard as saying no can be (and this is one of my biggest challenges) it is essential to practice it in order to stay connected with myself and stay on my own path. It is true that we are constantly pulled into other people’s opinions, agendas, there are tons of things that simply “must” be done, but in the end – everybody is in charge of their choices and is free to make decisions for themselves. And we surely have the power to do it- we simply need to exercise it.

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