Jan 7 – Life`s little wonders

Today has been an extraordinary day. One of those days that uplift and energize you like nothing else and make you doubt that coincidences really exist.

It started with a breakfast that my grandmother used to make for me when I was a little kid- a special type of fried Bulgarian pastry that I randomly came across in a breakfast place in Sofia. I had it with my best friend from my childhood with whom we’ve shared it many times many many years ago in our grandparents’ village.


It then continued with running into a childhood friend that I hadn’t seen for more than ten years. His grandmother was one of my grandmother’s best friends and we used to play together when we were toddlers. I met him at the check- in desk of my flight (he is an employee of the airline). Not only was I super happy to see him after all those years, but he also let me check in my overweight suitcase and upgraded me to a business seat!

To end the story, about ten minutes after checking in my friend with whom I had breakfast in the morning sent me a picture with something that she found in a small suitcase that I gave her on the previous day- my favorite coloring book and pencils that we used together twenty years ago during the summer holidays in our village!



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