March 1 – Spring is behind the corner ;)


On the 1st of March one of the most beautiful Bulgarian traditional holidays is celebrated. Its name is Baba Marta and it signifies the ending of the winter. 

According to the legend, on that day grandmother March (‘Baba Marta’ in Bulgarian) scolds her brothers -January and February and commands them to put an end to the harsh winter times.The legend also says that she is a quite short tempered lady and it’s important to improve her mood, because it determines whether the spring will be good or bad.

On that day, we wear and also gift each a thread in red and white – Martenitsa, with the wish to be healthy and happy. The thread is worn until we see a stork (symbolizing the upcoming spring) and is then put on a blossomed tree so it grows healthy and fruitful. We give each other red and white threads called Martenitsa with the wish to be healthy and happy 🙂 It is a really nice activity to make your own Martenitsas and make good wishes for the recipients while making them.

This tradition is a great example of the uniqueness of the Bulgarian culture and holidays and also brings back happy childhood memories. 

Happy first of March!

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