Feb 28 – The Secret Continued


“The Secret” tells us that our current reality is the product of earlier thoughts and feelings. We are then shaping our future with our today’s thoughts and feelings. The conclusion is that the more we feel good right now, the higher the chances of usfeeling good in the future.

The book also describes a “framework” for accomplishing our goals:

  • Ask for it- make a wish for something you want to accomplish
  • Believe it will happen- it is important not to be doubtful. Replace doubt with faith
  • Receive- try to imagine a reality where you have already received what you wished for. Visualize it as detailed as possible and most importantly – try to experience the feeling of accomplishing your goal. Practicing this continuously will put you in the frequency that you want and will “attract” ideas and solutions that will help you to make it into a reality.

It may sound like a super easy thing, but visualizing requires practice, effort and persistence. Nevertheless, from my personal experience I can say that it works, so I can only recommend giving it a try.

 And here are a few more practical insights from the book:

  • Try not to dwell on negativity. As you feel you are “taken over” a negative loop, try to reverse it by doing things that you like- taking a walk, talking to a friend, playing your favorite song.
  • Expect good things to happen to you and they will.
  • Never beat yourself up if you fail at something- that will only attract more failure. Instead, affirm positive qualities and outcomes, for example -“I am calm, focused and successful”.
  • Create a vision board where you put images of your goals and spend time looking at them- for instance, your dream house, life in nature, family , etc. This is can be a fun thing to do and it will really energize you to visualize your goals.

So these were the main learnings that I gathered from “The Secret”. Once again, I can`t say that I am the biggest fan of the book for two reasons. First of all, the examples in the book are influenced by the very materialistic “American dream” – a car, a house, money and inevitably come across as simply shallow. Second, I don`t think that wishful thinking can solely make you accomplish your goals. What matters is action.

Nevertheless, the insights into the power of visualization are extremely valuable. Additionally, all the great things that we accomplish in our lives first take place in our minds, and the book sheds light to how this process work. I don`t see it as a solution, but rather as a tool. A valuable tool :).

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