Fifty Shades of Pink

One of the largest Gay Parades in the world- the Gay Parade in Amsterdam took place on August 2nd. The parade was the highlight of a week-long yearly Gay Pride Festival that is usually celebrated in the last week on July.

This is a must see for all of you who want to experience street parties, canal parades, low key events and performances in local clubs/pubs/restaurants and most of all – provocation in a wide variety of forms and shapes 😉

Being famous for its acceptance for all lifestyles and behaviors as long as they don`t harm others, Amsterdam is all in different shades of pink on that day. It is a day to be out there, make a statement and provoke- thoughts, awes, laughter, and maybe criticism. But the most important thing is to express yourself in any way you want.

I think that for events like this pictures are speaking much louder than words. But before that, here are some tips for getting the best out of it in case you are planning to visit the parade next year:

  • Timing is important- in case you need to travel to Amsterdam make sure you are there early in the morning otherwise trains will be jammed
  • Select a good spot to watch the canal parade and be there early- it is great to make arrangements in advance and watch it from one of the boats parked along the canals
  • Don`t forget your camera- there will be plenty of opportunities to take awesome pictures
  • Make sure you check for interesting events after the parade. There is a lot of stuff going on, but for many of the parties/events you need to buy tickets in advance and for some others they stop letting people in once it gets too full. In any case, it is best to know what you want to do and at what time you need to be there.
  • Have fun, enjoy the atmosphere and leave your judgmental attitude at home. It’s of absolutely no use on a day like this 😉


Photo Aug 01, 2 18 14 PM


Photo Aug 01, 3 53 14 PM


Photo Aug 01, 3 40 01 PM (1)


Photo Aug 01, 3 51 19 PM


Photo Aug 01, 3 40 36 PM


Photo Aug 01, 3 36 30 PM


Photo Aug 01, 3 31 18 PM


Photo Aug 01, 2 44 47 PM


Photo Aug 01, 4 12 57 PM

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